• ChainwireWinkles & Flam™ is launching exclusively on OpenSea Drops as the first Original Cartoon Duo of the web3 space.
• The project is created by Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Adam Benzine and BAFTA®-winning illustrator Dele Nuga, and features high-quality, hand-drawn illustrations with weekly/seasonal releases.
• Winkles & Flam marks a radical new model for Digital Collectibles, partnering with Mint Foundry from Mintplex Labs to allow creators to edit information in real-time without coding knowledge.

Canadian Art Collective Launches Ground Breaking Digital Collectibles

ChainwireWinkles & Flam™, the ‚Cosplaying Canadian Kitties™,‘ are the First Original Cartoon Duo of the web3 space, launching exclusively on OpenSea DropsSphynx Ink Inc. comprises Oscar®-Nominated Filmmaker Adam Benzine (HBO’s Spectres of the Shoah) & BAFTA®-Winning Illustrator Dele Nuga (The BBC’s The Clangers).

Radical New Model for Digital Collectibles

Non-PFP and non-generative, Winkles & Flam marks a radical new model for Digital Collectibles, with high-quality, hand-drawn illustrations & weekly/seasonal releases. The first project to partner with Mint Foundry, the new Visual Metadata Editor from the team behind acclaimed ‚No Code‘ NFT service Mintplex Labs.

Features and Benefits

Launching April 3 with weekly content drops, rather than all at once, Winkles & Flam will run for five seasons, with sets of hand-drawn images comprising a mix of free minting, fixed price and auctioned offerings. Each set draws inspiration from an iconic video game and includes an educational component – Winklepedia™ – focusing on the history of video games. A Season Pass goes on sale today (March 27) exclusively via OpenSea Drops limited to just 1,000 copies; guaranteeing buyers all 30 cards from Season 1.

Creator Testimonials

Winkles & Flam Creator Adam Benzine says: „Winkles & Flam marks the start of ‚Phase 2‘ of the Digital Collectibles space…It’s time for something fresh.“ Co-Creator Dele Nuga adds: “We’ve been hard at work developing this original concept over the past year; it’s been hugely rewarding seeing our vision come to life! We’re thrilled that this project has attracted such attention across both creative industries and crypto communities alike.“

Launch Date

Toronto Canada – 27th March 2023

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